Welcome to Cambodia Road Association

The Cambodia Road Association (CAMRA) has been officially recognized on 24 April 2012 at Ministry of Public Works and Transport presided over by Excellency Mr. Tram Iv Tek, Minister of Public Works and Transport with many participations of other Ministry’s managements and national and international distinguished guests.

CAMRA will play an important role for all business entrepreneurs who are doing business on the sectors of design study, construction and maintenance of road. CAMRA may help to elevate the Cambodian road infrastructure sector financed by both local and international agencies to be more transparent as same as other countries in the regions (ASEAN) and sub-region (East Asia, Europe and North America). The Association is crucial to integrate all road construction entrepreneurs on design study, construction and maintenance of road for assisting each other in orders to protection all legal rights in their professionalism and long term business.

The benefits of each membership will receive form the Association such as:
  • The protection of all rights reserved in business and profession as the service provider for road design study, construction and maintenance of road and bridges all over the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Will receive assistances on educational guideline, and other information disclosure and consultation to have better understanding on technical specifications, road laws and other ordinances of governments related to road construction sector through closely collaboration with government institutions.
  • Will receive new innovative technology on methodologies of road-bridge construction and maintenance of road infrastructures through technical and managerial training by many experienced professional consultants from all over the worlds. Also many technical documents are available on the website of CAMRA: www.camra-kh.org/myaccount of membership account (sign in My Account), of which will be useful for whom want to be participated in any international/national competitive bidding project such as project financed by ADB (Asian Development Bank) and the World Bank.
Technical Paper

CAMRA TECHNICAL PAPER No. 4: Environmental Management Plan for Road Maintenance Works in CAMBODIA: This plan methodology have been reviewed and approved by International Consultant and it is applying [read more]